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The History of the NFR at The Orleans Casino, Las Vegas




The National Finals Rodeo (NFR) is one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated events in the rodeo calendar. Held annually in Las Vegas, the event has a storied history that extends beyond the main arena, with The Orleans Casino playing a significant role in hosting various associated activities and events. This article delves into the history and evolution of the NFR at The Orleans Casino, highlighting its importance and impact on the rodeo community and Las Vegas.

The Origins of the NFR


The NFR was first held in 1959, originally in Dallas, Texas, before moving to various locations and eventually finding its permanent home in Las Vegas in 1985. The move to Las Vegas marked a significant turning point for the event, bringing it into a city known for its entertainment and hospitality, which helped elevate the profile of the NFR to new heights.

The Role of The Orleans Casino


The Orleans Casino, a prominent venue located just off the Las Vegas Strip, has been integral to the NFR experience since the event’s relocation to Las Vegas. While the main rodeo events are held at the Thomas & Mack Center, The Orleans Casino has carved out a niche as a central hub for rodeo fans and participants alike.

1. **Accommodations and Hospitality**
– The Orleans Casino offers extensive lodging options, providing a convenient and comfortable stay for rodeo fans. Its proximity to the Thomas & Mack Center makes it an ideal choice for those attending the NFR.
– The casino’s dedication to hospitality and service has made it a favorite among rodeo enthusiasts, contributing to its longstanding association with the event.

2. **Events and Entertainment**
– The Orleans Casino hosts a variety of NFR-related events, including after-parties, autograph sessions, and fan meet-and-greets. These events allow fans to interact with their favorite rodeo stars in a more relaxed and intimate setting.
– The venue also features live music performances and themed events that celebrate the spirit of the rodeo, further enhancing the overall NFR experience.

3. **Viewing Parties and Broadcasts**
– For fans unable to secure tickets to the main rodeo events, The Orleans Casino offers viewing parties where they can watch live broadcasts of the NFR. These gatherings create a communal atmosphere, allowing fans to share in the excitement of the rodeo.
– The viewing parties are often accompanied by special promotions and entertainment, making them a popular alternative for those looking to enjoy the NFR festivities.

4. **Impact on the Community**
– The involvement of The Orleans Casino with the NFR extends beyond just hosting events. The casino actively participates in community outreach and charitable activities associated with the rodeo, contributing to various causes and supporting the rodeo community.
– This commitment to the community has helped solidify The Orleans Casino’s reputation as a key partner in the success and growth of the NFR in Las Vegas.



The Orleans Casino has played a vital role in the history and success of the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. Through its exceptional hospitality, diverse range of events, and dedication to the rodeo community, The Orleans has become an indispensable part of the NFR experience. As the NFR continues to grow and evolve, The Orleans Casino remains a steadfast supporter and beloved venue for rodeo fans and participants alike.


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