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History of the Ramada Express in Laughlin, Nevada


Establishment and Early Years

The Ramada Express in Laughlin, Nevada, opened its doors in 1988, marking a significant addition to the entertainment landscape of this burgeoning riverside resort town. Founded by the pioneering gaming industry figure, Don Laughlin, the property was initially designed to cater to visitors seeking both gaming and relaxation along the scenic Colorado River.

Growth and Expansion

Throughout the 1990s, the Ramada Express underwent several phases of expansion and renovation. The property added more hotel rooms, expanding its capacity to accommodate the growing number of tourists flocking to Laughlin. This period also saw the enhancement of the casino floor, offering a wider variety of gaming options, from slot machines to table games, thereby solidifying its reputation as a prime gaming destination.

The Ramada Express also became known for its unique themed experiences, such as the “Victory Tour Train,” a World War II-themed train ride that was a popular attraction for guests. This creative touch set the property apart from its competitors, offering an immersive historical experience alongside traditional casino entertainment.

Transition and Rebranding

In 2007, the property underwent a significant transition when Tropicana Entertainment acquired it. This acquisition was part of a broader strategy to rebrand and revitalize the hotel and casino. Subsequently, the Ramada Express was renamed Tropicana Express, aligning it with the Tropicana brand’s broader portfolio of gaming and hospitality properties.

The rebranding brought about a host of upgrades and improvements. The hotel rooms were modernized, the dining options were expanded, and the casino floor was refreshed with new games and a more contemporary aesthetic. The goal was to attract a younger demographic while retaining the loyal customer base that had frequented the Ramada Express for years.

Recent Developments

In 2019, the property underwent another rebranding and was renamed the Laughlin River Lodge. This latest transformation aimed to further enhance the guest experience with updated amenities and services. The Laughlin River Lodge continued to focus on providing a comprehensive entertainment package, including gaming, dining, and live entertainment, all set against the picturesque backdrop of the Colorado River.

Legacy and Impact

The Ramada Express, through its various incarnations, has played a crucial role in the development of Laughlin as a premier tourist destination. Its evolution from a Ramada franchise to the Laughlin River Lodge reflects the dynamic nature of the hospitality and gaming industries, as well as the continuous efforts to meet and exceed guest expectations.

Today, the property stands as a testament to the rich history and ongoing growth of Laughlin, offering a blend of nostalgia and modernity that appeals to a diverse range of visitors. The legacy of the Ramada Express lives on through its contributions to the local economy, its influence on the town’s tourism landscape, and its enduring appeal as a riverside retreat.


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