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The History of the Nevada Palace Casino




The Nevada Palace Casino was a notable landmark in Las Vegas, known for its unique charm and the role it played in the local entertainment scene. Located on the Boulder Strip, this establishment provided visitors with a quintessential Las Vegas experience before it was rebranded and transformed in the late 2000s.

Early Years and Establishment


The Nevada Palace Casino opened its doors in 1979. Its founders envisioned a local-friendly casino that could offer an affordable and enjoyable gambling experience compared to the larger, more opulent casinos on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Situated on Boulder Highway, it was well-positioned to attract both local residents and tourists seeking a more relaxed atmosphere.

Features and Amenities


The Nevada Palace was known for its welcoming ambiance and wide range of gaming options. The casino featured a variety of slot machines, table games, and a sportsbook, catering to both casual gamblers and serious players. One of its key attractions was the affordable dining options, including a popular buffet that became a staple for regular patrons. The hotel provided comfortable accommodations, making it a convenient destination for visitors.

Community Engagement and Reputation


Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the Nevada Palace built a reputation as a community-oriented establishment. It hosted numerous local events, including charity fundraisers and community celebrations. The friendly staff and laid-back environment helped foster a loyal customer base, distinguishing it from the larger, more commercial casinos in the area.

Transition and Transformation


In the early 2000s, the Nevada Palace Casino began to face increasing competition from newer and more modern casinos. Recognizing the need for change, the ownership decided to undergo a significant transformation. In 2006, it was announced that the Nevada Palace would be closing to make way for a new project.

Emergence of the Eastside Cannery


The casino officially closed its doors in February 2008. In its place, the Eastside Cannery Casino Hotel was developed, opening later that year in August. The new establishment aimed to combine the friendly, local-oriented spirit of the Nevada Palace with modern amenities and attractions. The Eastside Cannery featured a larger gaming floor, more dining options, a variety of entertainment venues, and updated hotel accommodations.



While the Nevada Palace Casino no longer exists, its legacy continues through the Eastside Cannery. Many of the regular patrons who frequented the Nevada Palace found a new home at the Eastside Cannery, preserving a sense of continuity. The history of the Nevada Palace remains a cherished memory for those who experienced its unique charm and community-focused atmosphere.



The Nevada Palace Casino played a significant role in the development of Las Vegas’s Boulder Strip. From its establishment in 1979 to its transformation into the Eastside Cannery, it left an indelible mark on the local gambling and entertainment landscape. Its history is a testament to the evolving nature of Las Vegas and the enduring appeal of local-oriented casinos.


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