Frontier Casino $2.50 Chip – Las Vegas Nevada


The Frontier Casino was a Las Vegas landmark that operated for over 60 years before its closure in 2007. The casino was originally opened in 1942 as the Last Frontier, with a Western theme and a focus on entertainment. It was the second resort to open on what is now known as the Las Vegas Strip, after the El Rancho Vegas.

Over the years, the Frontier underwent several ownership changes and renovations, adding new amenities such as a swimming pool and a convention center. The casino also became known for its popular shows and headlining performers, including Elvis Presley, Liberace, and Siegfried and Roy.

In 1991, the Frontier was sold to the New York-based Elad Group, which planned to demolish the property and build a new resort in its place. However, the project was delayed for several years due to financial and legal issues.

Finally, in 2007, the Frontier closed its doors for good, and the property was demolished to make way for a new development. The site is now home to the new Resorts World Las Vegas, a luxury resort that opened in 2021.

Despite its closure, the Frontier remains a beloved part of Las Vegas history, and its Western-themed façade and iconic sign are still fondly remembered by locals and visitors alike.


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